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Interactive NodeJS Notebook cli-tool

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Notes help us think, document, experiment and play with ideas. That's the main reason for creating this project. I'm a big fan of jupyter notebooks, gists, pastebins and cloud documents but I'm still searching for something better to comunicate, express myself and save my JS notes.


Install the command line cli-tool to have a better experience:

$ npm i -g jsnotebook2
$ jsnotebook2


  • Insert math formulas, like the following: \sum i = 1 + 2 + 3 + ... + n
  • Execute javascript code rows by pressing shift+enter during edition, you can repeat this operation multiple times and receive the updatedstdout, stderr
  • To take the most out of the experience you might consider looking into markdown and mathjax language references


Developed by Cristian Cortez cortez.cristian[at]

Special thanks to that challenges and inspires me to get creative every year



Here's a basic description of the capabilities

  • Select the row type and hit the plus (+) button on the toolbar to create new rows: Markdown, Mathajax, Code
  • You can use the arrow keys (up and down) to move between cells, hit shift+enter for edition and esc to escape edition mode
  • The row selected will be highlighted in blue and the cell under edition in green
  • You can move rows to a different position in the document, using the up and down buttons in the tool bar
  • Also you can perform cut , copy , paste and remove operations on the selected row
  • Notebook can be printed and source code be downloaded as json by clicking the download button
  • All of your changes are automatically persisted to your browser local storage
  • Click the save floppy disk button to restore a previous session or copy source to your clipboard

View the screencast:

Built With


This package uses

  • vm2 to create a secure sandbox vm to digest nodejs code
  • express to mount a web server via cli and serve static files
  • body-parser to parse incoming request bodies source code
  • opener to open a new tab in your favorite browser

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