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Quickly visualize comma-separated data.

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CSV Insight allows you to select a CSV file from your device and select the x & y axis from the header. A nice, clean column chart will be displayed to visualize your data. All processing is done client-side on this SPA. No data is ever sent across the network.


  1. Visit the web app
  2. Click to choose or drag & drop a CSV file from your device. If you need one, there are a couple options listed next to Download sample data. I recommend world-population.csv
  3. Select the X axis you want to visualize. Country (or dependency) would be a good option here
  4. Select the Y axis you want to visualize. Choose one that interests you. Perhaps Population 2018

The data is displayed in column chart format. Feel free to change the Y axis to immediately see different data points. For example, Yearly Change might be interesting.

View the screencast:

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