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Edit VR scenes from within! Palace lets you build a-frame scenes without leaving the experience.

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Edit VR scenes from within! Palace lets you build a-frame scenes without leaving the VR experience.


I've always dreamed about being able to edit the world around me - moving and shaping reality in real time. This is a proof of concept of some of the basic fundamentals of that dream, and hopefully a stepping stone towards some amazing tools and applications.

Under the hood

Palace renders an ace editor into the scene. A-frame (and the underlying 3d scenes) don't support html rendering natively, so the editor components are rendered to an html canvas, which is shown on the screen as an image. When the user is in edit mode, keyboard events are proxied into ace editor.


  1. Open the webpage (
  2. Click the glasses icon in the bottom right to enter full-screen vr mode (if you have VR glasses that's great, but the demo will work without them)
  3. Read the readme instructions
  4. Click the "edit environment" button (by placing the focus reticle over the grey "button" block and clicking") and notice the scene details are copied into the editor
  5. Place the reticle back down onto the editor and click - notice the blue indicator block turns red, showing you're now in edit mode and can type
  6. Use the keyboard to change the value of "preset" to forest or modify any other settings according to (this doc)[]
  7. Save you changes (cmd+s or ctrl+s) and notice the scene environment updating
  8. Click the "edit scene" button (place the reticle over the top right grey button block and click) - notice the editor is now populated with the code that generates the torus shapes that are visible
  9. You can change the scene at will now using a-frame primitives - try changing the position of the yellow torus to "4 0 0" and saving

Built With

React A-frame ace editor

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