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Wording Out

Put your vocabulary skills to the test, try and list as many words starting a letter and challenge your friends.

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Wording Out is a quick and simple game, all you need to do is list as many words you can think of within a set time that begin with the selected letter.

Challenge your friends to a match, practice alone or team up with the 'world' to try and list every single word starting with a random letter in a 24 hour period (more than likely impossible but hey don't let your dreams be dreams).


  • Open the URL, I've tested on a chrome browser and on android.
  • Choose single player, 2 player or global mode.
  • Type words beginning with the letter you see at the top before the time runs out! Use enter to submit your word.

(Note: The inputting of the word may be dodgy as hell if you're not on the very specific devices I built this with, if that's the case then I'm sorry, I didn't overly get to test this!)

No idea why, it runs a bit slow on the heroku instance, it shouldn't take more than 3 seconds for your word to be validated/invalidated though.

Built With


Listed here are what I actively used. I of course will not list dependencies of dependencies but yeah, they all helped still :)

  • howler
  • vue
  • tslint
  • vue cli (With typescript boilerplate)
  • vue
  • typescript
  • ws
  • express (and express boilerplate)
  • express-ws




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