We all used to hack on fun projects and play tabletop games every Friday in Honolulu HI. Last year, two of our team members moved to Seattle WA. For NKO 2018, we joined forces again to create a utility and service that will allow us to play games remotely and directly, without centralized servers.

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P2PWN Peer Host Discovery Service and Lobby

P2PWN is a service and utility that enables any multi-player game or app to be hosted by any peer.

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Remember the days of hanging out in the lobby of battle.net or C&C, looking to PWN some noobs with your 133t skills? Now there is a shared lobby that allows anyone to host peer-to-peer direct connections with anyone across the Intertubes™

P2PWN is a peer host connection broker that does not handle any of the traffic between clients and servers. It seems like every big Intertubes™ company wants you to use their service, so they can see everything you do. P2PWN allows us to connect directly with the people we choose.

P2PWN has a REST API, Websocket API, Integration Guides, Open Source Demo apps, and Reference Implementation Projects to get you started. Integration is simple, and we made it even easier with pluggable middleware and documentation. Once connected to P2PWN, your users and players can find your games through our Lobby portal.

Here are a few of limitless ways to leverage the P2PWN service

Desktop games.

Reminiscent of mulitplayer games like Quake, you can now enable any game you create to open a secure tunnel for incoming connections even if you are behind a firewall. Any of your players can join games already in progress, or, choose to host their OWN game so they can invite their friends and guild members.

An example of this use case is "Go Maze"

Open Source Browser Based Games.

You can start the websocket server locally, or on a dedicated host, and your game will immediately appear in the P2PWN Lobby for others to view and connect to. Players that visit your game through the P2PWN portal (or by any means of linking), the connection is created between the Client and your Server. We do not maintain or listen on your connections.

An example of this use case is "Space Wars"

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Join any open active games from the P2PWN Lobby


Built With

  • NodeJS
  • WebSockets
  • TypeScript

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