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Build.Bot simplifies the process of creating a discord bot from involving tooling, IDE's CLI, runtimes and hosting to just editing the code online then pressing save

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We allow anyone and everyone to create custom commands for discord, and even share them with their friends and the internet at large.



  1. Make discord account
  2. Make a Discord server to test the project on
  3. Add our bot to your discord server
  4. Start a new Project
  5. Edit the code, must return a string or a promise of a string
  6. Activate the project for your server (referred to as guild in our ui)

Make a discord account

Visit and click open / login, then sign up and verify your email

Make a discord server

Click the + button to the left and then select create server. Any options will work

Add our bot to your server

Our bot handles passing your commands to your code, add it here

Create a new Project

Click Get Started on our home page

Edit the code

You can put whatever you want so long as it returns a string, or a promise of a string

The functions name is the command's trigger, if you want a prefix $ is a valid js identifier and you can add it to the start of the function name.

if you're lazy and don't want to write code you can try the following for examples


return message.reverse().join(' ');

ping pong

export function ping() { return 'pong'; }

Click save at the top, be warned that if you save the top and the bottom without refreshing in-between they will overwrite each other.

Add the script to your discord server

After saving the script visit the store, press search (searching is broken, but will return a list of all projects), find yours, press info, then add it to your guild.

Test it out

On your guild run the command, simply write textlength test message, reverse test message, or pingrespectively

View the screencast:

Built With


Heroku: client, website, database Bot workers: Digital Ocean:


discord: login, and chat service to connect bots to


API: express, typescript, node-fetch, sequelize, pq, body-parser, cookie-parser, connect-session-sequelize, models, Morgan, uuid client: typescript, chalk, command, css-loader, doting, jest, Monaco-editor, prettier, promise, react, semantic-ui, slick-carousel, tslint Discord connector: bufferutil, iris, erlpack, snekfetch (by Gus from our team, it is publicly available and widely used), ws, lib-sync, proxy: express, express-http-proxy worker: docker, acorn, node-fetch, uuid

Mutual: Lerna for monorepo, eslint for code quality, babel-eslint ESLint parsing


Node.js ("Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. and is used with its permission. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Joyent.”)

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