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Roguelike coding challenge game! hero.look() is broken! See team page for fix!

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We're sorry - hero.look() is broken. Here is the fix - just add this code to your bot:

hero._l=hero._l||hero.look;var c={up:{y:-1},down:{y:1},left:{x:-1},right:{x:1}};hero.look=(dir,n)=>{if(dir==null)return hero._l();var dx,dy;if(dir.length){n=n||1;dx=(c[dir].x||0)*n;dy=(c[dir].y||0)*n;}else{dx=dir;dy=n;}return hero.look().find((o)=>o.x==dx+hero.x&&o.y==dy+hero.y)||hero._l(dx,dy);};

The glorious dungeon keeper has vanished into oblivion and now the dungeon is free for your to take it over!

Use the power of JS to create your own hero and make it obey your commands! Use instructions in the example code to craft the perfect dungeon warrior!

Collect gold, find most powerful weapons and smash the enemies. Level-up from tiny zombie into powerful knight.

But beware! No one can surpass the glorious dungeon keeper!


Please, don't forget to paste fix above to your code.

Game is turn-based rogue-like, where you control your hero using ai written in JS.

Use example code or craft your own bot. Example code contains useful instructions for how to write it.

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Special thanks for 0x72 for his awesome tile set -

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