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Deep Sentiment Analysis

This application uses Convolutional Neural Nets (CNNs) to do real time sentiment analysis as you are writing the review. For detailed sentiment analysis, IBM watson Tone Analyser API is used. Real time analysis happens on the browser itself, is privacy preserving and does not make any network request. Detailed Analysis uses Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and makes a network request to watson Tone API.

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Often on social media, e-commerce websites people (especially non-native english speakers) have a hard time conveying their message/comment/review in their intended tone/meaning. This application does a thorough sentiment analysis on a piece of text to give more information to the writer/user about the underlying tone of their writing/post/review.

This idea can be used in:
1) Review Monitoring/Enhance customer service (if somebody posts a bad review, you can get notified and take some remedial action)
2) Social Media Monitoring/Social Listening (if somebody is posting a bullying message, you can warn them)
3) Integrate with Chatbots/AI (chatbot can sense the underlying tone of the conversation and if the user is unhappy, take some remedial action)
4) Group chats (To maintain/monitor a decent tone in the conversation)
5) Official mail and communication (To check whether the e-mail written by user has proper/decent tone or not)

Note that the training is done on IMDB review(s). So the longer your review is, better the analysis will be. Analysis for short sentences might not be that good.


Write/Copy a movie/product review in the text box to get real time sentiment analysis. Press Detail Analysis button to get more advanced Sentiment Analysis.

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Built With

Node.js, Angular, D3, Tensorflow JS, IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API

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